Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Poof! Go the Permissions

Permissions continue to present mysteries and surprises. I recently came across this interesting situation: in the process of configuring the Project Permissions for a particular group it up and disappeared from the Permissions page.

The Tableau Public workbook below shows what happened. Follow the dashboards #1-#4.


  1. Chris,
    thank you for the blog. do you happen to know if this gotcha is also in the Private version (non Tableau Public )?

  2. Hi Keith,
    In fact, I've only seen this in private (non-Public) Tableau Server installations. Not having admin access to Tableau Public I can't say whether it happens there.

  3. Even I face the same issue with our Tableau server. When I set a permission @ Project or @ Workbook level, it gets disappeared. Also, the other weird thing is that the permissions are reset at some point ..... :(

    did any one faced this issue.?