Monday, March 17, 2014

Configuring Quick Filters Takes Way Too Many Actions

Configuring Quick Filters is a mind-numbingly boring, repetitive sequence of finding and clicking that is many times more laborious than it should be.

There are two major dimensions to this problem. The first is the configuration of an individual Quick Filter. Every individual configuration option can only be triggered (on or off) through the same mechanical sequence.

On top of this is the really aggravating failure of Tableau to preserve one's carefully considered and tediously constructed configurations when the worksheet is added to a dashboard. Instead of respecting your configuration Tableau adds the sheet's Quick Filter's with the default configuration, and you then have to redo the configuration you've already done. This is madness.

more on this to come...


  1. Pisses me off to. I remember that it used to apply the quickfilter changes you made in a sheet when adding to a dashboard. It doesn't any more.

  2. add in what happens when you replace a data source and you have one big headache

  3. Agreed!

    One thing I really think should be done is that when you make a filter apply to all sheets and then you configure the quick filter card it should then automatically be visible in the same way on all other sheets. The user should not have to add the same quick filter card and configure on each sheet if he/she already specified to use it on ALL SHEETS!!!

    Has this one been posted as an idea on the Tableau site?