Monday, October 1, 2012

Text Editing Idiosyncracies

This is going to be a very live post - I've not written this stuff out before because the individual bits seem too insignificant to note separately, but then they never get recorded.

Editing viz names in thumbnail workbook view doesn't observe normal navigation keyboard shortcuts, e.g. ctrl-<right> & ctrl-<left> don't work but ctrl-<home> & ctrl-<end> do.

Title editors - don't accurately copy/paste text contents, sometimes adds an extra line.

The Annotation Editor:

  • Text selection: select all text, set font size, close/save editor, open editor, select all text (<ctrl>-a, text is selected but previously set font size is not honored.


  1. Looks like your blog software is also not handling text correctly.

    I am not sure what to make of:
    "e.g. ctrl- & ctrl- don't work but ctrl- & ctrl- do."

    Can you supply some screen shots of what you are experiencing? I am not sure I understand your text description.

    1. That's me being in a hurry and using angle brackets to denote things like < and >, and being thick enough to forget that this bit me in the rear yesterday.