Friday, January 10, 2014

Tableau Status Bar Visual Artifacts

Status Bar Visual Artifacts

Here's a little weirdness I encountered when noodling around with puzzling and mapping out filter configuration.

Play the video and note that when the Tableau window, which isn't maximized, is resized, the status bar shows some odd little visual artifacts, almost as if the status bar is being scraped across some underlying content of which little slices are peeking through.

The video quality is pretty poor, but it shows the effect well enough, I think.

Workbook Published to Tableau Public

I published a trimmed version of the video workbook to Tableau Public, embedding the video worksheet in a dashboard named, ingeniously, "Dashboard".

You can download the workbook from here and use it to replicate the effect. Once you download the workbook, activate the worksheet "Configured Filters" worksheet, resize the Tableau window to the video dimensions and exercise it to show the artifacts.

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