Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tableau Server Performance Synopsis

This post simply compiles the high(ish) topics in the Tableau Server performance online help into a single place. This makes it easier to get a coherent overview of the range of considerations involved that by paging back and forth through a bunch of web pages. Or in the downloadable Server admin PDF.

The top level topics are links to their original source help pages, as are some of the subtopics.

General Performance Guidelines

Hardware and Software

Use a 64-bit operating system

Add more cores and memory


Schedule refreshes for off-peak hours

Look at caching

Consider changing two session memory settings

VizQL session timeout limit

VizQL clear session

Assess your process configuration

When to Add Workers & Reconfigure

More than 100 concurrent users


Heavy use of extracts

Frequent extract refreshes

Troubleshooting performance

Downtime potential

Improve Server Performance

What’s your goal?

Optimizing for Extracts

Optimizing for Users and Viewing

How Many Processes to Run

VizQL Server Process

Minimum number per deployment:

Maximum number per machine

Background Process

Data Engine and Repository Processes

Where to Configure Processes

Optimizing the Extracts and Workbooks

Assessing View Responsiveness


One-Machine Example: Extracts

Two-Machine Example: Extracts

Two-Machine Example: Viewing

Three-Machine Example: Extracts & Viewing

About Client-Side Rendering

The Tableau Server Processes

application server

VizQL Server

data server


data engine


Create a Performance Recording

Use performance workbooks to analyze and troubleshoot performance issues pertaining to different events that are known to affect performance, including:

Query execution


Connections to data sources

Layout computations

Extract generation

Blending data

Server blending (Tableau Server only)

Create a Performance Recording in Tableau Server

Interpret a Performance Recording



Computing layouts.

Connecting to data source.

Executing query.

Generating extract.


Blending data.

Server rendering.

You can speed up server rendering by running additional VizQL Server processes on additional machines.


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